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We got rhythm…

What a stunning day, and indeed a stunning week. Gorgeous weather, blistering sunshine…

My Small Change pot as grown a wee bit too…since my last update I’ve collected 97p, including perhaps the dirtiest and least recognisable tuppenny bit (who still uses that phrase that isn’t also able to describe rationing or thought the Beatles were modern noise?) which was in my brother’s garden. He’s been tarting it up and I have to say it looks fantastic.

I’ve noticed, weirdly, that I have a habit of looking particularly at parts of the street where I’ve previously found money, as though it actually grows there, or spawns there from some alternate universe. Nope. Fool.

There have been a few extremely useful suggestions for worthy charitable recipients in response to the previous update, and of course I hope for many more. I shall shortly create a page on which to track the various options, and towards the end of the year that page will contain a poll on which we can all vote…so keep suggestions coming. Feel free to brag publicly about your Small Change collection or individual finds – I know of at least one person who’s come across a fluttering fiver to bolster their collection.

It’s Rhythms of the World (ROTW) in Hitchin this weekend, and as ever the atmosphere is terrific. Happy people creating a carnival feel. I myself should be heading tonight into the grounds where the once street-based ROTW festival is now held, and probably tomorrow daytime too. Let’s face it, it couldn’t be better weather for what I overheard one man describe over the phone to his friend as “the best plan: sink a few cool ones and chill out on the grass.”