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The Wasp Factory

I’m a great fan of Iain Banks debut novel, which, for the uninitiated, is outstanding. While not about wasps, they don’t fare too well in the book’s pages.

They are everywhere this year. They’ve not fared too well though in my notebook. Or rather against the outer cover of my notebook. If Small Change had a pound for every wasp I’ve killed battered annihilated stamped on gleefully mercilessly obliterated while cackling in the manner of a 1950s Hammer film fiend despatched of humanely, I’d need a new camper van to keep all the money in.

As it is, the past couple of weeks have been a pretty meagre affair. Perhaps the sun has been reflecting off the surface of coins and making them more noticeable. Who knows eh?

On the plus side, London, where the streets have NOT been paved with gold, turned up its first coin for me. Various Small Change followers have expressed their disappointment in the capital’s forgotten money, so I’m proud to add FIVE WHOLE PENCE to my collection courtesy of a pub in Clapham. Crazy times…