Other questions

Can I add ANY money to the cause?

Well, no. Which sounds absurd, but bear with me… Donate any of YOUR money you want to ANY cause you want, but this idea is to make a difference with forgotten money…

Are you a registered charity?

Absolutely not. This is a concept. We’ll choose a charity or a handful of charities between us.

Are you really putting this money aside?

Yes! What would be the point otherwise?! I keep my OWN shrapnel savings separate. If I get excess loose change, I stockpile it. And I’ve got about £80 in various coins just piled up (PLEASE don’t burgle me, I may need it), which proves that forgotten money can become something significant. But money off the streets – that’s in a separate jar. A Carte Noire coffee jar actually, but you don’t HAVE to have such a stylish receptacle;-)

I’ve found notes on the street – what shall I do?

Well, if it’s a lone note, and nobody’s rifling through their pockets frantically within eyesight, it’s probably fair game. If it’s a roll of notes, get it down to the police station – let’s face it, had YOU dropped that kind of money you’d want it returned. If it’s a holdall/rucksack full of unmarked sequential bills, it’s mine, I thought I’d misplaced that…

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