Logo competition

Small Change needs a logo. Something visually arresting, something associated with its concept and purpose, something memorable. Its detail and resolution should be equally compatible with being printed upon a business card or emblazoned across the header of this website.

Anyone who’s embraced the Small Change charity concept will have encountered the moment of spotting a coin of minimal value in the middle of a busy street. You want to pick it up, because the whole premise relies upon the contribution of every single coin, but you fear the strange, pitying or even disgusted look of strangers. Pride’s a terrible thing isn’t it? But it’d be great to stop that glare with a quick flash or handover of a Small Change business card. Vistaprint, among others, often dishes out deals on business cards that contain their details on the back. Usually several hundred cost just the price of P&P. Not bad at all seeing as I’ll be paying for them out of my own pocket – I see no reason why my Small Change pot should foot the bill.

Cards would be great for alleviating embarrassment and for passing on at business networking events, leaving in coffee shops and, well, anywhere else actually.

That’s really the point of the competition. Am I promising you riches, a contract and international acclaim? Nope.

Every entrant will receive my unbounded admiration, their design and a link to their website/design portfolio on this site, and a Tweet out about their entry. The winner will receive all the above, plus a page on the site, and the knowledge that they’ve gone some way to helping an excellent cause.

Thassit really. A winning entry might need to be tweaked for size for the site and a business card, but aside from being in a compatible graphic format, I ask nothing more of graphic designers who are entering.

So, if you’re a designer, whether a GCSE student, an amateur or a freelancer, please give it a crack. And the rest of you – please spread the word so that others might enter…

The email address for competition entries is: smallchange@ahcopy.co.uk.

Good luck everyone, and a big thank you in advance to all who enter and all who aid!


The first competition entry is in!

Thanks to Liam Ashurst, a 16 year old designer from North Wales. His is a brilliant design that’s both eye-catching and simple in a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that way. He’s deliberately provided a monochrome design to leave colour choice open, and the concept name and slogan can be added or subtracted.

Liam Ashurt's logo design competition entry

Small Change logo by Liam Ashurst

Liam’s design gallery can be seen on his web pages at deviant art: http://cheesygfx.deviantart.com/gallery/


We have a second entry!

Thanks to Doug Canning, owner of DC-Graphics in Barnet. Doug’s chosen strong background colour and a photographic representation for complete clarity on the message.

Small Change logo by Doug CanningYou can get in touch with Doug at his website: http://dc-graphics.co.uk/


What a stunning day it is out there…hopefully you’ll all be keeping eyes peeled for lost money glistening on the pavement, beach, or wherever you may wander. Two more logo design competition entries received yesterday, from Mark Hawkins of Amanzi Media, thanks Mark. Both images are large, bold and no-nonsense. Take a look:

Small Change logo by Mark Hawkins, Amanzi Media

Second Small Change logo by Mark Hawkins, Amanzi Media

Thanks for your entries Mark! You can take a look at Mark’s details at: http://www.amanzi-media.com/


I’ve had two more logo entries. This time from an old school-friend and now a client for my copywriting business. Lee Porter is a business development manager for software house Integrated Project Systems. So, while he says ‘I’m by no means a pro but I enjoy having a go’, I think we can agree these are worthy competition entries:

Small Change logo by Lee Porter

Small Change logo by Lee Porter

Second Small Change logo by Lee Porter

Second Small Change logo by Lee Porter

Thanks Lee – if you’d like to know a little more about Lee’s company, developers of MyWebWorkplace HR absence management software, visit http://www.mywebworkplace.net. Sniff around far enough, and you may find the voiceover work I did for his product tours.



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  3. I was just wondering if you have come up with an end date for this competition?

    Liam Ashurst.

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