What’s this all about eh?

As you stroll along the street, occasionally you’ll see a dropped and forgotten coin. If it’s someone else’s unlucky day, a fiver or a note of larger denomination.

Typically, when it’s shrapnel, you either ignore it or you pick it up. If you pick it up, it’s lost amongst your other coinage, and its impact is minimal.

But if you put every coin or note you collect in a jar, by the end of the year you might have a noticeable amount of money. £3. £10. £50…who knows?

But it’s money you never earned, and that you’ll never miss. So why not put it to a good cause?

That’s the basic premise of Small Change: the potential to make a small change to the world using small change. The bigger idea, and one which I’ll discuss in the blog, is how I and anyone who takes up this challenge can work together to make a BIG change to a handful of charities by pooling what we’ve collected.

We can make a big difference with money that is otherwise forgotten and has little or no impact on our individual lives…small change can bring about big change…

The first blog post: 8 April 2009
This was the first post of what I hope could ultimately be a life-changing concept…

Today, Wednesday, I ambled into town, eyes downcast, deep in thought that doubtless wasn’t deep. On the cracked and dirty tarmac sidewalk lay a lone penny. My first thought was “that’s not worth picking up.” My second thought was “imagine if I picked it up, and was caught on camera looking like the kind of person that picks up pennies.” My third thought was that I wanted to be that person – because maybe I could do something good with the pennies.

By now I was 50 yards on, and I didn’t turn back. Instead I grabbed a coffee, sat and got overexcited. Or justifiably excited. Time will tell. But I couldn’t think about anything else. I wrote this post in my head a hundred different ways, and I walked home still thinking. Thinking so hard that I walked past the penny again, and this time had to backtrack. It was still there. Now it’s on the bookshelf in my study. Lonely and isolated, but hopefully not for long.

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