What would YOU do for a fiver?

Morning morning…

An excellent weekend for Small Change at this end. A trip to Alton Towers last Tuesday marked a very early start, and since then the body clock has woken me between 4 and half 4 every day, aided by the hot nights. Helpful. So, being awake, I find it hard on a weekend morning to refuse the call of duty.

Finding a penny within yards of my front door at 4:30 Saturday morning was a good omen. Walking past the taxi rank along Bancroft I spied a crumpled five pound note. My first note! Hurrah! Admittedly I know of a couple of people who’ve chanced upon £20 notes before, to add to the cause, but this was my first note. I fair skipped through the rest of town. Manly-like. And found a further 76p. And a hole punch and ruler and notebook all wrapped in cellophane. Ok then…

Sunday morning started at a similar time, for no good reason. And I was rewarded with £2.78. A good result all round. During the day on Sunday my girlfriend and I found the odd copper scattered around, and later took a small picnic up to the top of Windmill Hill in Hitchin to catch a bit of sun, read and relax. And at the precise spot we decided to stop, there’s a 2p piece trampled into the grass. Obviously not a big find, especially not considering the weekend’s other goodies (I mean a hole punch – could anything be any more exciting?), but one of those what-are-the-odds moments.

And talking then of fivers, the concept behind the US website Fiverr.com is one of donating some kind of service for just five bucks. So even more generous than five pounds sterling. Nice. Offers on there range from designing a website or teaching a programming language to writing and recording a love song or ‘making sure your ex doesn’t bother you again’! Diverse stuff, but mostly of the professional kind. Worth a visit, maybe worth donating your time?

And, just because, I’d like to share with you the fact that the word ‘fiver’, without exception, always reminds me of the scene in the first Bottom Live when Ade Edmondson mugs himself for a fiver. Twice: ‘made another fiver out of it!’ It was, of course, the same fiver…

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