People know how to party

It’s a Saturday early morning, and I’m still awake. So, consciously acknowledging a lack of social life this weekend I make the stroll through town as dawn breaks.

The usual scene greets me – I’m not going into detail, I’m keenly aware that I rant all too often on the hitherto unnoticed debris that greets the street cleaners on a weekend morning.

Coins of varying values are dotted around, and I’m reasonably pleased with a 73p haul for the Small Change camper van (the money-box receptacle kindly given to me by a lovely person after subscribing to the Small Change concept). I haven’t added it up as I go, but I’m aware it’s not a bad taking.

Then I stroll through the car park of the local supermarket. I started adding this into my occasional dawn walks because I’d so frequently see a dropped 5p or copper coin when buying shopping during the day. Nothing. There are several shopping trolley shelters dotted around the car park – those perspex tunnels. Several pizza boxes, discarded crusts and an empty Pepsi Max bottle lie in one of these tunnels. I grimace at two things: the abandoned rubbish, and the thought that this was actually several people’s Saturday night. Thank God I’m such a grumpy sod. In gazing in such a judgemental and negative way I see coins beyond one of the pizza boxes. Four pound coins, a twenty pence piece and a fifty pence piece.

I instantly forgave the messy pizza-eaters, embraced their finale to a great night out, and pocketed the coins – a personal best Small Change collection after a week which had until that point seen not a single forgotten penny come my way.


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