Who to give to?

It’s a rather overcast Sunday morning, but warm. Yesterday’s sudden downpours and half-hearted thunderstorms brought a little respite from the humidity, but I hear Monday and Tuesday we could get temperatures of over 30 degrees…

The week got off to a good start cash-wise. I came across a pound coin in the supermarket car park. It sat centrally in a parking slot, so whoever dropped it clearly couldn’t be bothered to scrabble around under the car to pick it up again. Good…

Apart from that – a very quiet week – a couple of 5ps, and that’s about it…

So I thought I’d mention the possible charities themselves, and how we’ll go about choosing them. Yes – we. Because I’ll set up a poll later in the year that collectors can vote in. I think two or three charities, and split the money between them…

So suggestions really would be welcome. I would like to avoid charities with any religious affiliation, simply because that might alienate some people. Some people also seem reluctant to give money to charities that support the needy abroad – on the basis that they believe UK charities should come first. I don’t actually buy into that, in part because money goes a lot further in the developing world. If I bung two quid at a homelessness charity, for the sake of argument, in this country, that might buy a box of teabags, but in Africa it will buy text books for a village school. Big difference…in my opinion.

Animal charities divide opinion too. It’s rather a tricky topic, all in all.

The only other proviso I’d like to enter is that I don’t think we should necessarily go for the best known charities. Breast cancer charities, for instance, while obviously enormously deserving, raise millions every year and enjoy an extremely high profile. There again, Save The Earwigs in That Tiny Village The Name Of Which Nobody Can Spell But It’s Quite Near Andover And The Pub Does Great Chips would obviously be rather obscure. Probably doesn’t even exist actually. Just a big con. Someone should investigate.

Hmmm…just something to think about chaps…

8 responses to “Who to give to?

  1. I would suggest perhaps considering the charity that took your recent bird. Individuals who offer to rehabilitate wildlife tend to do so out of their own pockets so maybe it would be a nice idea to contribute somewhat.

  2. I like Pammy’s idea!

    I am still keen on the shoebox appeal, it is a little religious…but despite me being an atheist I still give to the charity every year. I like it because you buy the content of the shoebox yourself and KNOW it is going straight to the hands of a needy child and NOT to fund an overpayed CEO.

    I need to have a think on it, there is a very small charity run by my local authority that fund -raise to assist disabled children to get custom wheelchairs etc.

    I am in agreement with you that I don’t think we should concentrate our small/big change on high profile charities and I PERSONALLY would be keen to see my money assist in some SMALL way to assist those living in poverty, so am NOT adverse at all to it going abroad.

    • You’re right Julie in that if the charity is not overtly religious (i.e. here’s some medicine but first place your hand on this bible…) then we shouldn’t rule it out…

  3. For information on charities look at http://www.guidestar.org.uk/

  4. I would like to suggest “shelter” charity for homeless people as they are forgotten in society just like the forgotten coins… ! have a think about that….

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