Jake lives!

Afternoon all…and a beautiful afternoon it is too..

Quick update to let you know that Jake the crow is still with us (see Saturday’s post). I phoned the vet this morning, and it turns out that the wing wasn’t broken, and they’ve stitched up her tail (yes, I decided she was a she and am now referring to her as Jake – live with it) where the damage was, and she appears to be suffering no internal injuries… She’s now recuperating at a sanctuary. Hurrah! I just hope that’s not the same as ‘gone to live on a farm’…

After the weekend’s heady heights of Small Change collecting today could hardly compete, and my finds were restricted to a single 5p piece. On the other hand, while picking up some cheap garden shears I was given a crash course in quality parenting. A small child, pretty harmlessly, but I’m with the mother on the non-handling thing, was starting to pick something up from a shelf. “Get yer ‘ands off it. Gimme that!” shouted the mother. What excellent, if somewhat contradictory, instructions. I was disappointed when she didn’t clout the child brutishly, or impale it on her very sturdy looking spiky hair.


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