Return of the sun

Aaaaaah sunshine… After a week or so of weather so fickle that I was even told (surely this is nonsense?) that within a 20-mile radius in Suffolk the other day there was rain, sun, SNOW and even dust devils, it was good to see a return to pretty steady sun today…

Over the past week or so (I know, I’ve been terribly lax and aim to return to regular updates again) the odd 5p and coins of lower denomination have found their way (legally I hasten to add) into my pocket as I’ve ambled around the place, but today I was unexpectedly rewarded.

Walking past the phone box where Nanny from Count Duckula (see previous post) had her rummage, I spotted a penny glinting up at me. Stooping down I saw three further pennies scattered around, so it was with a copper-coloured spring in my step that I continued into town.

Waiting in line at the usual coffee place I saw silver on the floor in front of the counter…a 50p piece with another penny nestling beside it. Ok, we know it’s small change, but 55p in a single day is my own personal best, even if other followers have reported pound coins and more, the lucky swine…

Enjoy the weekend all, and long may the good weather continue. And long may people be incapable of putting money into their purses without spilling the stuff everywhere…

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