Frugal Friday

In fact the past week has been pretty damned frugal on the Small Change front – no more than a couple of pennies to add to the collection.

Mind you, I did spend the bank holiday weekend in Devon, so was either in picturesque countryside or in the car.  And on that note, if you’re in the area, Lydford Gorge is just breath-taking. It’s very easy to forget that here in Britain we have some fantastic scenery; places where the sound of rushing water, birdsong or breezes through trees are a life-affirming break from the general cacophony of life.

This morning, in an effort to undo my rubbish coin collecting I wandered into town as Hitchin awoke. Had I been looking for rubbish I’d have made a packet. Perhaps pubs/takeaways should be legally accountable for a 20-metre radius outside their property. Might cut out a lot of the fag packets, pint glasses, polystyrene containers and discarded bottles and cans.

But the sun is shining, summer approaches, the England cricket team has remembered how to win (albeit thanks in part to some spectacular capitulation), and it’s Friday…


One response to “Frugal Friday

  1. Since your brilliant idea of creating that philanthropic group, I have paid much more attention to the streets I walked through (except while I was in Paris where it just slipped out of my mind and I even felt guilty of that considering the potential of Paris streets!)
    Anyway I have lately spent alltogether 3 days in the streets of London (walking rather than taking the tube) and today, my last experience confirmed that people in London just don’t want to lose their money! My friend Val was the lucky founder of 20p when she came to see me and that was a month ago. Since then, nothing… It’s not only been a frugal Friday, but a frugal month! Where are the good old coins falling out of anyone’s pockets???? Or do people in London only carry notes??? Ha! I could live with finding one too though…
    I shall see over the weekend if Birmingham streets are less “clean” or people just less careful 🙂
    PS: Britain’s scenery is the thing I prefer since I moved here…

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