Tuesday. Nothing more imaginative than that.

Shiny 2008 pennies today. One directly outside my front gate, and the other on the central island at traffic lights in town. I’m still hopeful, given the persistent windy weather, that dozens of unfortunates will lose £20 notes on the sturdy breeze. That’s not actually very charitable of me…

I do love the way young children are so curious about the world around them, so oblivious to certain distractions, absorbed by others and so completely unabashed by their own behaviour. Today a little girl of three or four was so utterly transfixed by a chocolate cake that the couple on the next table at the coffee shop were sharing, as pedestrians weaved around her, that her mother actually had to tap her on the head to get her attention.

Moments later a group of teenagers sulked past. One boy, and he must have been seventeen or eighteen, stamps his foot at a pigeon – an action usually reserved for unruly toddlers – and eats a pastry of some sort with his mouth open and crumbs stuck to his lips and chin. Enchanting…


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