Leaf blowers don’t move coins

It was a beautiful, sunny and tranquil morning as I sat in Hitchin market square. Well, it WAS tranquil. Mr Road Sweeper soon whipped out a leaf blower. Before he started I had coughed and my cough had echoed back at me. So you can imagine the racket a leaf blower being revved might make.

Irritating for me, and a tediously regular disturbance for the residents (as some of these shops have flats above them). Don’t know what the law is for using noisy equipment early on a Sunday morning, but it wants tightening up.

I do know why the leaf blower was in operation. Hundreds of cigarette butts, mostly outside restaurants and bars. Even people who wouldn’t drop litter discard cigarette butts. I have, when there’s no bin in sight. Unlike dry rubbish, you don’t a filthy ashy butt in your pocket or bag. When the government brough in the new smoking laws in 2007, why did they not make it compulsory for every eatery or drinking establishment to have fixed cigarette butt receptacles outside? I know, nobody says the word ‘receptacle’, but it shouldn’t die out… I’m not saying fixed fag bins would cure the problem – people are often ignorant and lazy – but it would go a long way.

The square was peaceful after a while though, and I sat, undisturbed and writing this update in my notebook, basking in the already warm Sunday sunshine. Eight o’clock and all’s well.

Found 22p actually. Thought I’d best mention that, as it’s kind of the whole point…


One response to “Leaf blowers don’t move coins

  1. BUTT boxes! all good local authorities provide them. A little box that you put your butt in until you are able to discard it in another appropriate “receptacle” the butt boxes in Essex have a picture of an actual bottom on them ……YES INCREDIBLY stylish….Yet ANOTHER reason for Bishop Stortford to JUMP ship 😉

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