Fiscal snails in the dawn(ish) light

7:30am? Wandering into town? What’s wrong with me?

Alcohol, is the answer. No, not searching it out, I just sleep even less with a bellyful of red wine on board.

So I took advantage of my early rising to scour the streets for the results of Friday night revellers’ carelessness.

I was concluding that when times are tight even drunk people are careful with their cash, and formulating a mini-rant against the leader of some European financial body, when my eyes alighted upon a 5p piece near one of those soulless modern phone boxes. Okay, so it’s not going to clear the national debt, but it made the early walk worthwhile.

Further success eluded me however, which I blame on the drive-along street sweepers whose wet tracks marked much of my route through town. I was not quite early enough it seems…

No, sod it, that mini-rant needs some air.

A couple of days ago a chap, arch-idiot of the WTF organisation (well, it began with a W and was a three-letter thingy anyway), piped up that ACTUALLY the financial outlook is worse than previously suspected. Oh goody. Now, I’ll readily admit that my understanding of the world of finance is limited at best (if we were to imagine a fiscal snail making its way across the surface of my brain then the slime trail it left behind would be the extent of my knowledge), but it seems blindingly obvious to me that stock markets, big business and individuals alike react to the opinions of so-called experts, and in this case doubtless negatively. So, what good has his comment done? Just keep your blasted opinion to yourself and stop attempting to justify your position – I’d never heard of the WTF body, and I’m not sure I needed to now. And journalists? Acknowledge the impact of speculation passed as fact, and once in a while leave us in the dark…


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