Betty makes almost everyone smile

I went back into town later on, to grab a coffee with a friend who was bringing what is officially the prettiest dog in the world – Betty. Betty is an 11 week-old miniature Jack Russell and ridiculously affectionate. A magnet for children and old ladies. Particularly, and unfortunately, the woman I have dubbed ‘ooh int she GAWjus’ woman. The first time we encountered her she uttered the words ‘lovely’ and ‘gorgeous’ (and here you may think I exaggerate, but no, no, no sadly not) at least 50 times. I was contemplating gouging out my eyes with a plastic spoon just by way of a distraction when she finally waddled off. Several days later ooh-int-she-GAWjus meted out the same treatment to a rottweiler. I kid you not… Never have I been so sorry to see an animal muzzled.

Anyway, earlier today as Betty sat on my lap attempting to remove my aftershave, I noticed a 5p piece under the next table. A woman was sitting there with her little girl. I checked the 5p wasn’t theirs. It wasn’t. I picked it up, smiling in what clearly wasn’t a winning way, and explained that I wasn’t in fact a weirdo, nor was I so hard-up that I was keeping it for myself. She looked at me as though I had climbed onto her table and left something unspeakable on her panini.

Oh well. Betty doesn’t think I’m weird.


2 responses to “Betty makes almost everyone smile

  1. Sarah Cleevely

    Your canine encounter could have unlocked more than you thought! Highly trainable and man’s best friend in numerous occupations – have you thought about perhaps purchasing one yourself to be trainined to find ‘small change’? It could certainly give you the cover you need when caught grovelling under tables or in gutters!

    I must disagree somewhat (although biased) with your comment about Betty being officially the prettiest dog in the world – my beagle Sky would sternly defend being the holder of that title!

  2. Ha ha ha!

    I find your blog very funny but to be honest I haven’t found a single coin…er…I forgot that I was looking!

    How about you put a little donate tool on the sidebar and for every giggle you create, we give you 5p? You’d have 10p from me already!

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