It was a blustery day today

And when it’s blustery, my mind wanders back to Winnie-the-Pooh. I am of course talking of AA Milne’s creation as illustrated by EH Shepard, rather than the desecration perpetrated by Disney. In fact I could barely (ha..) shift Edward Bear from my mind as I leant into the wind on my way into town, and all the way home again. The memory of simpler times fills you with that happy-sad feeling, and I ransacked my bookshelves on my return, looking for the rather battered red hardbacked edition of The World Of Pooh. No joy. Must be at my parents’.

I was asked the other day what my favourite book was. With no hesitation I answered with children’s fiction’s greatest creation. Of course the person asking actually wanted a thriller, so I pointed her at Lee Child and John Connolly. But Pooh, in spite of his twenties mode of speech, is somehow timeless, and I need to find that book!

The rest of the week has largely been sunny, and non-blustery, but sadly the sum total of my pavement scouring is 3p this week. Hope you readers have had more luck, and if not, well, go and read Winnie-the-Pooh – it’ll take your mind off the disappointment…


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