Tenners, francs and the old 1p piece

Blast, blast, blast. Substitute your preferred expletive or scale downwards in offendability as you see fit.

Woke with toothache at 4am (actually the last time I had agonising toothache it was a bank holiday weekend – the teeth gods’ excuse for humour), and when I managed to go back to sleep had a ridiculus money-finding dream. A friend had spotted 5p on a pavement wall where we sat. As he picked it up I spotted a folded tenner held between the fronds of some plant or other. Somehow this gave rise to finding various coins, of long-discontinued denominations and currencies. Then I woke up. How utterly ridiculous.

I think it was actually prompted by a phone call I had last night from a friend who was so excited (and apparently NOT drunk on a night out in London) when a 5p was spotted that a phone call to me was in order. Clearly my subconscious mind felt the need to compete…


One response to “Tenners, francs and the old 1p piece

  1. Definitely not drunk! HOW could I really? And that helped giving that lonely coin some company a few hours later!!!

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