Smile. It’s Monday and it’s raining.

Evening all…

Wet and frankly insipid though today might have been, in stark contrast to the past week’s early summer showing, I ventured out to do a spot of creative writing, and to buy shopping that healthier supermarket customers could sneer at.

Glistening against the dull damp tarmac of the supermarket car park was a 10p piece which I snaffled up sharpish. While my own collection is so far rather meagre I’m buoyed up by the occasional messages of friends and followers who clearly live in areas where people just drop money as though it’s fluff from their pockets.

Of course the rain and cooler temperature had banished the smile from the few pedestrians’ faces. On Friday I sat on my doorstep with a cup of tea, with the sun beating down, just to watch the world pass by in an idle moment. If someone walked by and caught my eye, I smiled, and universally they responded in kind. One prolifically bearded chap did admittedly cross the road on his way back in order to keep a safe distance, but still, it cheered me immensely to see the effect a smile seemed to have. If nothing else those people can go home and tell their spouses and friends about the odd doorstep lurker with the creepy smile. I’m bringing people closer together…


One response to “Smile. It’s Monday and it’s raining.

  1. A smile goes a long way, I find if I smile AND put my thumb up that causes people to smile back in such a way that says……don’t hurt me, clutch their handbag and do that run walk. Speaking of smiling your blog always makes me smile as does finding coins…. I am always on the look out!

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