Pssst…pass it on!

Looks as though the good weather is consigned to memory and the fading colour in my face won’t last much longer. Huh.

Yesterday’s meanderings weighted my pockets down with nothing more useful than a pencil sharpener.

This morning I’ve added a new side widget to the Small Change blog allowing followers to link directly to Small Change from Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Digg, Google, StumbleUpon and Delicious websites…so get clicking and spread the word. This social experiment won’t work without your help! Thanks folks…I may now wander off into the grey and uninspiring morning…


2 responses to “Pssst…pass it on!

  1. Well today was LOVELY here….My small change collection is now running at £2. 37 in just a few weeks, so it is well worth doing. My parents are now collecting also and my mother became incredibly excited to have found 20p the other day ha!. I love the concept and the blog it is brilliantly entertaining.

  2. I LOVE this concept and have taken it to my blog! I currently have a contest going where I took my change to make a change in someone’s life! hope you’ll stop by! heading to your facebook page as well! Cheers!

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