Strange things on the streets

Strange conversation overheard on the street yesterday: one woman saying to two others “He got out of bed and just dropped dead. He hadn’t even made me a cup of tea.” Followed by raucous laughter.

Strange items NOT found on the street: £50 notes. But that was yesterday…

The most distinctive sound to my ears now is that of a coin hitting the pavement. While waiting in line for a coffee at an open-air cafe (how MUCH coffee do I drink?!) a chap dropped a penny. I willed him, grimacing and almost audibly growling, to leave it there. He didn’t. Later I heard another coin drop, and the woman hunted for a good minute before locating the errant £50p. I’d been standing on it, whistling. Actually I hadn’t, but if I’d been closer, I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t have done that…


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