Poo, lego, and night gardening

Not a day of financial success for my Small Change efforts,  but I discovered a happy benefit of scouring the streets as I stroll. I successfully circumnavigated two separate piles of what one might politely term dog mess.  On a dreamier day, less taken with frowning at the floor, I might have pasted the underside of my shoe and had to adopt the frankly poor method of poo-cleaning that consists of scraping it along kerbstones and grass verges.  And then had that paranoid whiff of poo that somehow infests itself in your nostrils for hours after.

As it was, I skipped nimbly (and manly-like) by. I didn’t, you’ll be pleased to learn, examine the yellow lego man head that sat sullenly in one turd to see whether he was a pirate, spaceman or something else. Dogs eat anything, even pirate lego men.

And speaking of blights on the streetscape, a chap I know told me about guerrilla gardening today. A fascinating, and slightly illegal gang of green-fingered folk who go round improving crappy parts of the urban jungle by planting hardy firs and flowers etc. If you’re going to break the law, what an utterly lovely way to do it. You can read more about it here and pick up some handy tips here.

Happy Friday folks…


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