Bleurgh. A close friend told me yesterday that today would be beautiful and warm, but so far wet and grey is the order of the day. I forgive her though because while in a pub the other day she spotted an unclaimed £1 coin on the floor, and it’s started her own Small Change collection…

Another friend found a 50p piece in the change section of a vending machine at work, and I feel we must congratulate her on not bunging it straight back in to get a chocolate fix.

Pubs and clubs are a great place to pick up forgotten cash. A few years back, when my finances weren’t even fit to be called finances, I worked in a nightclub a few nights a week. At the end of the night it was a poor look-out if I hadn’t picked up a couple of quid, and that was with a dozen of us clearing the place up, so there must’ve been plenty more lying about. So, bar workers and designated drivers, keep your eyes peeled. Drinkers: you don’t remember what you drank, you’re not sure what that green stuff is, why it tasted of carpet or how much it cost, so feel free to drop your loose change before cracking onto someone whose features would scare you in the sober light of day. Again…


2 responses to “Nightlife

  1. Thank you! Toffee Crisps are 55 pence! I took your advice from the Supermarket Sweep and my little dog and I now alternate our walking routes and as a result have found an additonal 20 pence over a few days. I also now somewhat disturbingly find myself examining dog’s mess in the HOPE!? of finding lego….I feel all jealous that the dog’s mess you skip past is so much more interesting.

  2. Excellent result!
    I would however like to make it clear that Small Change takes no responsibility for followers’ sudden and disturbing changes of habit and interest… !

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