Supermarket sweep

Sue’s suggestion (see comments ‘ Selective Street Cleaning’ 11/04/09) about checking supermarket trolleys for £1 coins makes perfect sense, provided it wasn’t YOUR coin in the first place…!

I was at the supermarket today as it happens, buying half a cow’s worth of milk and some cigarettes to get me through the week. Standing second in line at the cigarette counter, the small boy being served ahead of me (sweets I think, rather than fags…) dropped a 5p coin. Momentarily I imagined shoving him aside to scramble for the coin before holding it aloft, crowing as though I’d discovered gold, pure gold etc. Not for the first time I questioned my normality.

Anyway, the greedy little sod picked up his 5p and disappeared to earn yet more money from the tooth fairy by stuffing his face with sugary treats. I was rewarded for not stealing from a 6 year old by finding a filthy 2p as I walked an alternate route home. As if we needed confirmation, theft is NOT how this works.

But my different route home underlined my suspicion that walking the same beat each day reduces the odds of uncovering cash.


One response to “Supermarket sweep

  1. In Japan, people put chewing gum in the exit funnel (what do you call it?) of subway ticket dispensing machines to catch and ‘kidnap’ people’s change. It’s really annoying! Another confirmation that theft is NOT how it works, maybe 🙂

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