Easter Monday. It’s early…

Easter Monday dawns as grey and featureless as the preceding few mornings, and before I start work I thought I’d bash out a quick update.

I’ve set up a Small Change Facebook group to draw a little attention and acquired 16 members on its first day of existence – thanks folks.

I read a piece in the Society section of the Guardian on Wednesday last which makes a few good points regarding charity mergers, but which perhaps misses some potentially important ones. To my fuzzy morning mind (good thing I’m doing my PAID work after practising putting these words together!), the benefits would be:

  • Greater visibility
  • Pooled resources
  • Greater public understanding
  • More focused use of funds raised
  • Coordinated effort
  • As a result, greater potential to address causal factors rather than applying the bandage

A good, if low-key, example would be PAPAA, a psoriasis charity client for which I do a little proofreading now and then. PAPAA is the result of a merger between two like-minded charities…


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