Selective street cleaning

Stepping outside my front door onto the street means picking my way through a spray of kebab-shop chips strewn outside my gate. A polystyrene box that once contained them lies cracked and glistening wet. Someone’s thrown a McDonalds fries container there too, as if competing in the junk food market. Not two metres away there’s a bin. Thanks drunk people. Didn’t drop any money though did you?!

Result though! On the way back home I walk on the other side of the road. A bright 5p piece jumps up and down demanding I pick it up.

That’s 6p. I draw two conclusions:  A) a private education has embedded in me the mathematical mind of a genius, and B), this might actually work…


2 responses to “Selective street cleaning

  1. Love it! I can see you on the One Show already.

    Besides the nice sentiment, the concept is cool!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled 🙂

  2. Brilliant idea! It all adds up. remember Tom Hanks in The Terminal, & the trolley change machine (somewhere else to check, perhaps – supermarket trolleys?)…..

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