Penny in a jar

I had a business networking meeting this morning (I’d made a promise that I’d start trying to pick up new clients, and this was my first real foray into an alien and frankly frightening networking environment). Painfully early. I even had to eat breakfast, when tea, coffee and cigarettes are my only morning consumption. It was the first time since yesterday I was able to stop thinking about Small Change.

But not for long. I didn’t have a name, and played with various options, varying in quality from diabolical to catchy. Then I hunted domain names. Some blasted American web hosting company owned the one I wanted, but finally I bought Turns out I’ve got to pay WordPress to redirect to that, so it’ll wait.

Then I had to figure out WordPress itself. THEN finally I could post.

But before all that my penny needed a home. My blue recycling box held the answer: a 100g Carte Noir coffee jar. The bonus? The jar’s design means I can’t see how lonely that penny is in there…


2 responses to “Penny in a jar

  1. I can see how “money in a jar” works…as I have my own jar collecting charity money at the moment. Of course that’s more than the money you cna pick up on the street – as people kindly put their changes in my jar – but if everyone start picking up pennies on the street it will slowly become a nice sum of money. I think this is a great concept. It will take time but we will have to patient 😉

    • Thank you Sara – that’s absolutely right – patience (never a forté of mine!) is exactly what’s required. It’s also the reason why the more followers Small Change has, the better!

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